Planet Laser – Making Kids Birthday Party in Oakville Even More Enjoyable

If you have picked this particular article to read, then it is sure that you are planning a birthday party for a kid, isn’t it? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We, at Planer Laser, organize birthday parties for kids and we are well-known as the best laser party place in Oakville. Before actually telling you about the awesome deals that we offer, let us tell you how laser tag games can be enjoyable for your bundle of joy.

  1. In this particular game, each team player shoots the opponents with a gun that fires an infrared laser beam. And, the actual fun begins when the beam touches a special form of equipment worn by the opponent. Once it hits him/her, they are automatically disabled and rendered “out of the game” for some time. These infrared guns are truly harmless and ensure that all the player stay safe when they are actually playing a mission. 
  2. Depending on the place that you pick for the birthday party, laser tag game can be played both outdoors and indoors. There are places, like Planet Laser, that offer a specially designed arena that can be used as a playground for laser tag games.
  3. Now, if you think that your child spend most of the time in front of his computer, television or mobile phone, then  ultimate laser tag game is a wonderful way to motive them to take part in a physically challenging game. While playing this game, your child runs around the arena to chase the opponent. Resultantly, he does a lot of cardio exercise, which improves his health and strengthens his immune system to fight against flu and common colds.
  4. It makes them more sociable and teaches them how to play in a team. Undoubtedly, they play against each other in the laser tag game, but ones that game is over; nothing stops them over from being buddies. Apart from this, if you take them frequently to play such kids arcade games, they make more friends and learn to be confident in the long run.
Now, coming to the deals that we offer for laser tag games! We have three packages, namely Basic Package, Supreme Package and Ultimate Package.

In Basic Package, we offer 2 missions of laser tag and you can bring along minimum of 8 guests at the cost of just $18 per person.

In the Supreme Package, 3 missions of laser tag are offered, along with pizza and soft drinks at the cost of just $22 per person.

In the Ultimate Package, there are even more benefits at just $25 per person.

Keen to know more about these wonderful deals? Visit us at Planet Laser today!


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