Want to Plan Birthday Parties in Oakville? Look at these packages!

Nowadays, the trend of laser tag is increasing in birthday parties Oakville, Canada isn’t it? Organizers of every party want to include all the fun packages in their event in order to make sure that the invitees have the best time of their life. Talking about Oakville specially, there are several birthday parties that I have attended. One thing that I find interesting in events is that people tend to book such restaurants that not only serve good food for the birthday event but accommodate gaming, especially laser tag rounds, as well.

If you are also looking forward to a birthday party planning in Oakville, then there is a very recommendation for you. I recently came across a very good place that offers great birthday packages. Its name is Planet Laser. They offer laser tag rounds, arcade games and many more interesting activities to help you have an enjoyable and unforgettable time. You do not require a bunch of people to be there with you in order to have fun. If you visit there alone, you can make teams with the other visitors and have a good time. However, more the number of near and dear ones with you, more pleasurable time you can have.
Planet Laser, the best laser party place in Oakville, offers three different packages, whose cost is nothing as compared to the fun you can have there.

  1. Basic Package – It costs $18 per person and the maximum people you can take along with you are 8. Icing on the cake, you get 2 missions of laser tag.
  2. Supreme Package – Supreme pack costs four dollars extra per person but the number of guests allowed is still eight. There are 3 missions of Laser tag but you get a soft drink and pizza that is covered in just those extra four dollar that you pay.
  3. Ultimate Package – Ultimate plan is the super deluxe plan that they have. In it, you pay $25 per person. Up to 15 guests are allowed and you can enjoy 3 missions of laser tag along with soft drinks and pizza. If you are organizing birthday parties for kids or anybody, then I would suggest you to pick this package because in it, the birthday person gets a free t-shirt. Also, a personalized cake (vanilla or chocolate) and a loot bag can be added if you want.
You know what all added services you can get? A personal hostess, exclusively decorated room (for 1 hour and 45 minutes), plates, napkins, forks and cleanup! Not only this, the birthday person gets two free future entries and one or two free admission passes for the guests as well. Can you imagine getting all that in just a maximum of $25 per person? I don’t think there is any other better deal you can get for making your birthday parties the best in Oakville.


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